Saturday, July 19, 2008

not sure if this is something i'll stick with...

Well, little man Olaf is sound asleep for another 30 minutes hopefully, so I am trying something new. I am not sure if blogging is something that I'll enjoy doing, or if I'll have trouble finding things to talk about. I sort of feel like it would be my lazy way of getting out of writing folks individual emails. Since they could all just check my blog for updates. Hmm, now that I think about it that sounds nice :) The other thing holding me back is that I just don't feel like my life is interesting enough that anyone would want to read about it on a regular basis... And I am not the most interesting writer either... so we'll see. I do have a fascinating subject now though - Olaf. So here goes nothing!

Welcome to Jenn's world.

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sandra said...

welcome to the blogging world jenn! frank and i used our blog to quickly update everyone about our lives. it seems like it would be especially useful with a new baby since everyone wants to see his pictures and progress.

unfortunately, though, it can detract from the interaction you receive from emails. often people are reading but neglect to comment.

either way i hope blogging works out for you.