Monday, September 8, 2008

family and friends

I am such a happy kiddo!

It's Monday morning. One week before I return to work. And so I decided that this week I would relax and spend as much time making Olaf smile as possible. I am currently sitting down, paying bills, dowloading pics, and taking care of the office type tasks that seem to pile up while we are busy. Drinking a delicious cup of drip coffee from my favorite mug.... mmm. Life is good. Olaf is asleep in his crib for now, but soon he'll wake up and we'll feed and give him a nice warm bath.

No that's not sweat from my morning workout - it's DROOL!

We had a great morning - Oly woke up happy at 6:00am on the dot. I pulled him into the big bed and we got to snuggle for awhile. After he was done eating we just hung out and snuggled a bit more. He was all smiles and babbles. Somehow he talks, including voice inflection, through his nose it seems. It is hilarious.

It's COLD in the camper in the mornings sometimes! Oly gets all bundled up to go IN and play :)

Last weekend was a WHIRLWIND. We had a Saugen family reunion in Leavenworth on Saturday. It was great to meet a bunch of family that I had only heard about! I met:
Dave and Colleen Saugen, their daughter Kendra and her husband Josh, and their kids Kennedy, Dawson, and Karston. I love those names - so unique! And very well behaved and fun kids too. I also finally met Grandma Kathy! She sure has a lot of energy! I think she enjoyed meeting the newest additions to her 13 great grandchildren. Also I met Linda and Mike Klassen, their son Jonathan and his wife Autumn, and their daughter Natalie. There were lots of kiddos running around, playing, and lots of folks to catch up with. Steve and Theresa arrived a little later with their brood (let's see if I can remember all the names...) - Zachary, Jeremy, Sharaea, Marcus, and Lydia, and their exchange student (shoot I forgot his name!). It is always fun to see their family. I never think I want to have a lot of kids until I hang out with their family, and see how much fun it can be. I will have to wait for brother Dave to post his full family pictures on Picasa so I can steal one to post on here. But below are a few pictures of the fun times :) My parents were able to join us for the festivities, as Barb and Mark were thoughtful to invite them since they live so close. I think they enjoyed it.

Grandma Kathy meets cutie patootie Ingrid for the first time.

SAUGEN men: Josh, David, Zachary, Steve, Marcus, Jeremy, Steve, David, Mark

We also attended the wedding of a good friend, Teranne, Saturday evening. It was wonderful! Beautiful wedding, beautiful location, beautiful bride, good friends and family. I love living here and being able to be a part of this great community!

Teranne's entrance to the ceremony

Sunday morning Steve helped my dad out with a project while I hung out in the sunshine with Mom and Kendra. Jenny and Haakon and the kids stopped by for a cup of coffee on their way home - it was so relaxing and nice! We had fun posing the cousins for pictures :)

Olaf is used to this tomfoolery. Ingrid looks a little unsure...

Oh so cute!

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James & Kristin said...

Hooray! Glad you found us. Now we can watch each others boys grow up. Sure wish James could commute to work from Cashmere cuz we'd love to have your sweet house! Hope it sells soon. Hugs to you and your boys! xoxo K