Sunday, January 3, 2016


Well, after the crappy year that 2014 was... I had high hopes for 2015 to be a lot better.  I mean, it's not hard to top a year where I was pregnant during a long hot summer, our marriage had a few rocky bumps to work through, and my dear dad passed away... but still, I guess after a year like that you just aren't sure.  Luckily it came through!

2015 was another year of change.  It was gol-darned BUSY.  Other parents tell me that this busy-ness only gets worse as kids get older... I guess we'll have to see.

One of the biggest changes was that in June, we moved in with my mama, just across the river in Plain. We had the opportunity to rent our River Rd house to some wonderful relatives that were needing a rental for about a year and a half while they build a house.  The rental market in Plain is hard, so we offered them our home for this time.  And my mom was gracious enough to allow our brood of 5 to move into her home.  So... we are a little tightly packed, and it's definitely chaos at times, but we are enjoying this extra time with Grammy.

Moving off the River Road property has been okay, but a little hard for me.  Right when we moved out, Dave and Christie moved back, and Jenny and Haakon moved into their house, so now they are all out there and we are over here...  It's forced our family to spend more dedicated time with one another, but I miss the camaraderie of being all together out there.  But, I keep telling myself it's only temporary and we'll be back in our home before we know it.

Updates on the kiddos -- Olaf is enjoying second grade.  He's a complete Lego MANIAC, and is quickly becoming an expert in Minecraft on the iPad.  He's happy that ski season has started up and is exploring more of Stevens Pass every time he goes!  Though Forest could have gone to Kindergarten this year, we decided to hold off a year so he wouldn't be the absolute youngest in his class. (well there were many reasons but that was one of them).  It's been a great decision as he's been doing well at his second year of preschool - this year he is actually excited to learn since he's better at sitting still and concentrating.  I think he definitely needed this extra year before kindergarten.  He's also enjoying skiing, and was finally able to lose the "leashes" and go down by himself on daisy.  I'm proud that he got over his fear of momma letting go!  John is 15 months now, and starting to turn on the personality.  He has the most hilarious laugh when he thinks he is doing something funny.  He is a CLIMBER.  Stairs, ladders, tables, countertops, mom...  Such a sweet addition to our family.  Even when he is throwing a tantrum face down on the floor because he didn't get what he wanted... it's hilariously adorable.

We've been enjoying a wonderful year of snow in Plain... as the pictures below will show.

"Helping" daddy install the snow bike kit.

Merry Christmas!  Sledding at the pass thanksgiving weekend.

Isn't my hubby handsome?

Lots of snowplowing hours this year.

Oly and dad!

Oly with the Saugen cousins!

Purty icicles

This is what we get when we tell Forest to smile :)

A collage of goodness

Look mom and dad I can ride the ski lift too!

Steve's favorite - snowbiking with Gabe

My Christmas tree hiking/finding buddy

There's the laugh/smile I was telling you about :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Snippets of Life

I really am committed to doing better at posting these photos and stories.  I realized this morning as I let the boys peruse my past posts what a treasure this blog is!  They both LOVED seeing their baby photos, toddler photos, and current photos.  Since they don't have baby books, this will be their baby books I guess!

Speaking of baby books, John started WALKING last weekend during the Seahawks game :)  He was probably trying to pull our attention off the screen, and it totally worked!  He's (obviously) quite wobbly, and much better barefoot than with shoes, but his little Frankenstein walk is adorable.  I can't seem to catch it on video... since it's only like 5 steps at a time, but I will eventually!

Forest took this picture for me... I love it even though it's a little fuzzy!

A few weekends ago we were able to borrow a friend's VW van which they have all set up for camping... it was fun.  First thing - we drove it over Rainy Pass for a nice Sunday drive!  Then we camped by the river and explored a bit.  Here's a few photos from that adventure :)

Yesterday after Olaf's soccer game we hit up the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival. The highlight of the festival was "Reptile Man" on the main stage, but we enjoyed a few other "fishy" activities as well :)

Then we joined the Cohen and the Rientjes families for a little dinner in Dryden.  Long day!

All conked out about 5 minutes into our drive home.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


First Day of 2nd grade, 2015.

Oly and Ingrid

Who put these three sitting next to each other??? 

Here's to having a teacher who embraces the craziness that comes along with 7 year old boys, and give them room to be a little nuts sometimes :)

... and now for something a bit more serious... 


First day of Pre-K, 2015

 First time play soccer - "Most Fun Player" award!

First time turning FIVE YEARS OLD!!!  He had a nice party complete with lots of friends and a piƱata and a Batman cake :)

First time being 11 months old.
That's all I could think of as a first :)
He's standing, climbing, and tentatively taking steps with our hands.
No walking yet, but I'm sure that will get here soon enough!

Climbed up here by myself, yes I did.  Note the wrestling brothers in the background, and the smoky skies.

Pick me upppp!!!!!

Why yes he did climb on here by himself.

Naked tractor pushing, always fun.

And....  first time in a LONG time, breaking away for a trail run with Jaimi Joelle!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

John B

I mentioned it earlier, but this little buddy is such a joy to our family.  The only time he seems to be upset is when he is hungry or tired, both of which are easily solved.  Or... has a tummy or toothache at night... which aren't easily solved, but moms don't sleep, right?