Sunday, December 7, 2008

Already Sunday...

Well, it's already Sunday. That means that Steven will have to leave again this evening for his work away from home... sad :( Although we manage fine without him these many days/weeks he is away for work, we still miss him terribly. But I know that he loves the work he does on the boat, and it makes me happy to know that his work fulfills him, so we make do.

Audioning for "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe? Seriously. No I am serious.

How much is Steven working away from home, you might ask? Well, it changes monthly. But he will gone about 2.5-3 weeks each from November through February. But this is good, right?! We are trying to pay for a remodel! And the bonus is, when he is home this winter, he will ACTUALLY be home. Last winter he was home for 13 days over the holidays... and spent all 13 days working on Ski Patrol. We did not spend much time together sadly. But not this year -- this year we will be able to ski together!

Every now and then, when I am in need of a husband for some type of work which husbands normally do, I call on one of the other husbands I know and their wives let me borrow them -- my dad, nick, dave, the helpful men at les schwab... What a blessing to have good friends and family so close!
Grandpa Brian and Drooly Oly

These are Olaf's "Uncle" Nick and "Auntie" Jaimi

Uncle Dave and cousin Micah

Les Schwab -- Did you know they will come pick up your car for you, take it back to the shop, check it out, call you back with the results, fix anything, and then drive it back to you and give you the keys back? AWESOME. You don't even have to leave work!


jenn said...

NOTE: Steve said that LesSchwab doesn't actually usually do that... But apparently he has some clout because we have spent so much money there... Anyway, just don't expect that apparently.

Mac said...

Great photos.
Oh, I just read your comment. Sad; I was so excited about the Les Schwab deal.
That photo makes me want to run right down and spend some money there, though!