Thursday, June 10, 2010

writers blockage.

I know that I really need to post something new up here, but I can't figure out what to write!  I swear I think of great topics and leading sentences all day long at work, but never write them down, and then I get home and can't remember a lick of them.   So. 

I am 30 weeks pregnant now, pretty dang cool.  I can feel body parts a little.  Baby's head is down (yay!), and his back curves around the left side of my belly.  All the action happens on the right side of my belly where the limbs are, with an occasional poke right in the middle.   I am looking forward to meeting the little fellow.   Last night I was gifted with the CUTEST set of jungle print newborn onesies, and a full baby carhartt ensemble (thanks Deanna!) for little dude.  I really don't need any more clothes, but she said she couldn't resist and seriously, neither can I.  So cute and TINY!

Olaf is getting the second of his 2 yr molars right now...  which means he is not sleeping as well, but I think he must be used to it because these teeth seem way easier than all his other ones, even though they are way bigger!  I am hoping and praying he has Steve's teeth genes instead of mine.  So far they look a little crowded in his mouth... uh-oh...  well they are just baby teeth.  But seriously, if he takes after me he'll have braces from 4th grade through 9th grade, headgear 3 times, retainers, gum-cutting... yeah I was pretty cute... but I do have room for all my teeth in my mouth now! 

Hopefully I will get over my mental block soon.  All sorts of fun things coming up.  Like Joanna visiting!  And my birthday!  And Olaf's birthday!  And Cousin Zachary Saugen's wedding! And Steve comes home!  And Father's Day!  All in the next 10 days.  Phew. 

Peace out.


James & Kristin said...

....and then family camp a few days after that! Are you still planning on making it up to TT for a little while. We'll be there all week! Look forward to seeing you & bump. :)

Kristin said...

Sounds like you have got some fabulous things in the works! And don't worry about the'll pass!