Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello friends,
Well, it's been a while.  We have missed you.  Or rather, perhaps you have missed us?  Well we've just been trucking along.  The first 9 days of October were rough, as it was the fourth week of Steve working in New Jersey.  Hence the fact that I really had no time to myself to write posts!  I was pretty much in survival mode...  The bad news is, Steve was gone for a really long time.  The good news is, we all survived!  AND we'll be able to pay our bills for quite some time with all the hard work we put in during that time, which is so nice heading into winter :)

My boys are getting sweeter (and sometimes more sour) all the time.  The sweet moments just seem more precious, and of course the tantrums are louder and more dramatic.  And sometimes more hilarious.  I forgot the one year old tantrum that happens the MINUTE they don't get their way.  Including facedown on the floor sobbing, or throwing oneself backwards off whatever surface they make be sitting on while screaming.... ah, the joys.  My boys are little masters of getting their way...  I am probably too easy on them while Steve is gone (hello, it's called survival.  Which is easier, listening to 45 minutes of crying, or giving the kid juice...?).  So when Steve returns from long sessions away, he gets to help break them (me) of our bad habits.  Sorry Hub.  However I still think the kiddos are doing quite well considering it's just me trying to direct their little lives a lot of the time.  It's a lot of responsibility raising these little people!  Holy moly!  I just keep on praying that they keep those sweet innocent hearts for a long long time.  And that I don't do anything to screw it up :)

This morning the boys and I returned home from Church, and Olaf immediately ran into the office and jumped on a pile of sleeping bags and Steve's multiple puffy jackets we had stashed in there.  He then invited Forest in to play too.  A few things to note in this photo below...  1.  Olaf is wearing gardening gloves.  Why?  He loves them!  He kept stealing mine so I bought him his own.  I don't get it, but if it keeps him happy why not?  2.  I couldn't get a happy picture of Forest without that bottle all up in his mouth.  Whenever I tried to grab it away the cuteness melted into  So there it is in the photo.  and 3. Matching shirts.  We had family photos taken yesterday, yay!  So they were wearing the same cute outfits for the second day in a row.  LOVE button ups on little men.

And now October is halfway over.  Whoa.  Happy fall!

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