Sunday, April 1, 2012

life these days.


Winter is (hopefully) finally on its way out.   I even broke out the clippers today to trip back some grasses and stuff from last year that I didn't get to before the snow fell.  Started pruning the maple and the hawthorne... Realized that I don't have any idea how to prune trees and I should probably do a little research before getting clipper crazy, so went back to pulling little weeds out of the soft ground.  Also, I see my daffodils and crocuses starting to peek through!  I need to rake off all the matted leaves and brush soon so they can get some sunshine.  Although I imagine the layers of leaves and mulch are keeping it warm in there, so maybe not yet?  I am not a master gardener in case you can't tell :)

Our life is alternately slow and boring, mixed with hectic and crazy, but always with a bunch of fun when the sweet kiddos are involved.  It has been a nutty busy spring for both Steve and I with work, so we treasure these little times together.

Happy April!

Olaf wears this at least every other night to chase Forest around.

Sweet dimples.

Having a great time playing with Cassie over at the Obergs for our monthly supper :)

Loving it!

My big boy did SO good at the dentist!  No fussing at all - and no cavities either :)  I was so proud of him.

We sat at watched out the window while Olaf had his teeth checked.

I got to do a ladies shopping trip with Shannon and Leighla in Seattle!  So.Much.Fun.

Crazy face man.

We headed to the aquarium in Seattle last Sunday for a little city adventure.  Forest stared into this tank at the aquarium and splashed for about a half hour... loved every minute of it

He cried when I took him away from it.  So did the little girl he splashed.

Grandpa came with us too!  (Sorry all I got in this photo was the back of your head, Mark!) We had fun hanging out in Seattle together.

That's a shark on his face in case you were wondering.

Then I went and did the "Big Climb" of the Columbia Tower.  69 floors in 15 minutes.  Not to shabby!  I got rad for Rudolph and raised some money for blood cancer research.  I also learned about this GIANT vein that pops out on my head when I exercise hard...  Fun, right?

Monster faces.


Joanna said...

Awww! Miss you and the fam!

gina said...

hey Jenn, you are right! the leaves do help protect plants from frost/snow. leaving them on there until the weather improves, is a good idea. you're also right to research tree pruning before getting out the clippers! different trees need different strategies to be strong and healthy. you rock. :) you are on the way to becoming a master gardener...or you can just pretend, like me. ;)

jenn said...

Miss you too Joanna! Glad tax season is almost over for you :)

songbyrd on the mountain said...

Oh my goodness; those little boys are their daddy all over again!! SO CUTE!. Thanks for sharing about your wonderful life; its anything but Plain!! Love it!

Lacey Marie said...

Between the dimples and the monster faces I am all swooney and giggles. Those kids of yours are so stinkin' cute!

(& I totally didn't even realize that post title could lead anyone to think that! Hahaha! I'm full of trickery! My day will come, but i'm quite happy with the break for now!)

Kendra Renae said...

Love those little men!!!!

markkarj said...

Hey Jennifer! Give your man-boys our best! Don't get to your sight as often as I'd like! Looks like you're all healthy and well! We'd love to catch up sooner than later! Oh and we're expecting baby #4 later this year! -Cassie K (for all of us)

simply sue said...

I need more...oh how I miss my family!