Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Out to Ad

I am so excited that my big project, that I devoted the last 16 months of my work life to, went to AD this last Monday.  OH YEAH.  450 plan sheets of sweet construction goodness.  Now I am in the interim phase where I just wait for contractors to call and ask questions so I can put together some addenda for the project.  And I get to help out other people on their projects in my spare time.  It is such a weight off my back that we are out to Ad!!! YAY!!!

Construction starts in July and I'll be the lead inspector...  We'll see if I am still so excited then :)

Are you wondering what this project is?  Okay -- here ya go.


gina said...

WAHOO!! nice work! looks like a sweet project!

jenn said...

Thanks Gina!
It is a good one. Complicated, as any project in an urban area is. :) Definitely a learning experience.