Monday, January 14, 2013


It's 8:00pm and my kids are in bed.  IN BED PEOPLE!  BEFORE 8:00!  This does not happen very often in this household so I am pretty excited for it.  It reminds me that I should really do more freezer meals that Steve can pop into the oven, so we can eat when I get home at 6:00 instead of at 7:30.  So now the house is quiet... and I need to go upstairs and work on some sewing projects, but I thought I'd rather blog instead.

Lately we've been trying to teach Olaf to ski.  It's a slow process, and one that requires much patience, but I think it is going to pay off!  He is really getting it now!  I am really excited to see it.

Forest runs up to him every time "OWAF OWAF OWAF OWAF!  You goin' SKIING?  Wif DADDY?  Does youw SKIS?"
Olaf and Chira.  I am campaigning for this to go in their wedding slideshow.
Booty skiing.

Maya and Shannon.  We were all up at the lodge watching the daddies with the bigger kiddos.

Also I finally took a day for myself, played hooky from work (well, I did tell my boss I wasn't coming in ahead of time, and used leave for it...), and went skiing at Stevens!  It was SO. MUCH. FUN on a bluebird day.  I forgot how much I love skiing when it is NOT a powder day.  Because on non-powder days, people actually have time for you and aren't annoyed that they have to wait for you!  It's way more laid back and I loved it.  Could also be all the vitamin D pouring all over me :)

Me, Ethan, Jenny.  Two of my favorites.

Chandra.   Awesome view.  Awesome gal.

Shannon.  Love ya lady!

I'll leave you with this progression of photos of my other babe.  We went sledding with my friend Angie and her son Jedediah, and we must have WORN OUT FOREST.  He was asleep in the car between Mountain Springs and River Road (60 second drive?) and didn't wake up until 3 hours later...  Apparently he is channeling his father, who can always sleep through anything, or perhaps his Auntie Jenny, who apparently used to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere when she was little :)

Asleep in the car.

Carried into the house, and now asleep on the hardwood floor.

Boots off, coat off, bibs half off... still sleeping.

And... time to be carried up to bed :)

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