Monday, December 16, 2013

It has come to my attention

Recently a friend of mine asked why I hadn't posted anything lately.  I had two thoughts:  1.  Someone actually still reads this?  and 2. Oh, hot dang, it has been awhile!  (ummm... two months... oops).

You know the whole reason I started this blog was to brag about and keep track of my insanely cute new son, Olaf :)  And I really had so much fun with it!  And then with poor #2 and less available time it just sort of dropped off.  Which is a bit of a bummer, because the best part of writing it is the ability to look back and see what we were doing, what we looked like, kids' milestones, fun photos...  Seriously, I love looking back at it.  And I have missed a lot of things that would have been fun to look back on I am sure.

All that to say...  I am still busy.  But I am going to put some photos up now that I can look back on in a few years and say, look how cute and little they were!  And look how random I was in posting them!

a little family photo on a visit to Steve while he was working up north

Olaf has learned many things in kindergarten.  Notably one of the best -- how to traverse monkey bars :)
Our first time on quads.  We like to teach the redneck part of our lives at a young age.

Look, Daddy bought us glow in the dark bat masks for our dance party!
Olaf and I stomped the yard and ye ol' Church square dance out at Stonewater Ranch. 

A typical fall Saturday afternoon of helping daddy with chores.
I ran another half marathon this year with a new group of ladies.  This is my friend Katie.  She's a keeper.  Let's all hope she moves to Leavenworth :)  (hint hint Katie)
Post race exhausted-ness.

I built Olaf a "fort" in the tree out front consisting of about  boards nailed up.  He LOVED it.

He still loves it.  However Steve has added numerous amazing features that only daddy's can do.  Like a platform WAY higher than any mom would ever allow.

Cuties at our school pumpkin carving night.

Cutie cousins Olaf, Ingrid, Trygve

More of those 3 cutie cousins, catching the first flakes of winter while waiting for the bus.
So that takes us up to about... November 1st?  Ha ha.  Then we went to Florida.  I keep waiting for Steve to finish his sweet little video so I can post it on here... really I should just post a bunch of photos because who knows if the video will ever be finished :)  But it's late for this momma and I am heading to bed, so Florida vacation photos will have to wait!


gina said...

yay! It has been awhile. I like reading your posts. I can hardly wait for the Florida video!

simply sue said...

Love it Jenn...and yes, it's been awhile but the catch-up was good!