Friday, August 29, 2008

life, love and leaving cashmere

I am officially overwhelmed by life. Our house is now listed on the market with a Real Estate Agent. I couldn't put enough energy into it, and I think this was a good choice. However now this requires that the house be spic and span at all times.... not so easy with an infant and two dogs, while trying to pack up everything I'll need to live in Plain in the 5th wheel. I sometimes wonder why we do this to ourselves - never allowing time to just relax and live life. It always seems to be elusive, just around the corner, but never quite here yet. Looming over my head is my impending return to work on September 15th... and I am completely and totally bummed about it. Not that I don't like my job, because I do. And I enjoy the friends that I have there as well. And it's not that I don't have a great person to watch Olaf - quite the opposite - she's awesome. It's just the fact that my baby boy won't be with me all day... Someone else gets to experience the joy that is hanging out with him. Oh boy I better not talk much more about this because it's going to make me cry. Who knew you could love someone so much, that you hate to leave them for more than a few hours?

Mommy and Olaf - an actual picture of me holding him! (I had to take it though)

Olaf is now showing so much personality! He babbles all the time, and smiles at just about everyone, which makes everyone pretty happy. He is learning to put himself to sleep without crying which is AWESOME. I think we have this schedule thing figured out! (Watch me eat my words...)

Look out ladies!

His new favorite activities include laying on his back, and kicking his legs like he is running a sprint race, while pumping his fists above his head. I keep trying to catch it on video but every time I bring out the camera he just stares at me like, "seriously mom, I don't want this published on the web" :) Ah well.

Chelan is a fantastic doggie to sleep on.

He has also moved past shoving his whole fist into his mouth, and prefers just his thumb, usually with the rest of his hand wrapping up around his nose. I am determined to catch a photo of this cuteness as well. I don't know if letting him suck his thumb will come back to bite us in the future... but it is so darn cute (and effective at soothing) that I don't want to stop him. So I don't plan to!

Also keeping us busy... Gravity Environmental (AKA Steve) has sponsored a stretch of highway to collect litter on twice a year. Last weekend we did our duty for the environment and did litter pick up on Hwy 2. 23 bags full of nasty trash was collected! (and that was only one side of the highway - this Friday we'll do the rest. Any volunteers?) Zachary and Cassie Miller helped us, then we all went for milkshakes at the 59'er afterwards - much fun! Olaf was in the capable hands of Aunty Kendra in Plain. Though we missed him, I don't think the side of the road and dirty trash is where you want your infant to be. Agreed?

Victorious Volunteers!


emma said...

awww so I just got a chance to catch up on your blog, and just so you know, we are all SO SO SO GLAD you're back!!! Seriously. You should have seen me and Charlotte while you were gone... sometimes we would even go sit in your cube and eat lunch (when it had 2 chairs), and we'd just sit and whine and complain about you not being there. (yes, pathetic.) Not that anyone in the ole 305 could compare with your little man, but I bet if you get Romine to squint his eyes and smile just right you might be able to see some dimples, and it'd be a close second :)

jenn said...

i love that you make me laugh out loud with your wit. i think whenever i get stressed at work i'll picture bob in a bouncy chair... HA HA HA!