Friday, April 24, 2009

Brain workout.

I have been absent for a bit because we were in HAWAII and I didn't have time to tell y'all that before I left... my apologies. It wouldn't have made for a very interesting blog anyway! But we are back now.

In other news -- I took the PE exam today... Here is how it went.

7:15 arrive at Seattle Center. See friends from college who are also taking the test. Yay for familiar faces in a sea of nerds!
7:20 think to myself that I am unprepared. I have one Timbuktu shoulder bag with books in it. All these people have rolling luggage full of reference materials... uh-oh...
7:45 doors finally open to exam site.
8:00 test supposed to start. nope. just sitting at my table showing my proctor my photo id and exam registration.
8:15 test finally starts
8:45 i feel woozy and almost pass out at my table... drink water... feeling passes.
12:00 15 minute warning... check over answers from first 40 questions. feel good on about 50% of them. Too bad I will need 70% to pass.
12:15 lunch break begins. walk to center house (mad house at lunch). marika takes pity on me and shares her lunch with me. she has 2 sandwiches, pasta, veggies, 2 kinds of chocolate and juice. she is happy to share. what a nice friend.
12:45 Enjoy watching a bunch of kids on a field trip get annilated by the fountain of water.
1:15 Report back to exam site on time.
1:46 Exam begins again. Late, of course. Afternoon session. I have chosen "Construction".
3:00 Mad that I chose "Construcation" because there are a bunch of problems on here about concrete forms and how much pressure they resist, which I didn't study. Dreaming of having an ACI manual with me.
3:01 Look at "Transportation" section. SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THAT ONE instead. Ah well
5:25 Debate going over my answers and "guesses" one more time. Say NAH i am done with this. If I don't know the answer now I won't know it in 15 minutes.
5:26 Pack up my 5 books.
5:27 Hand in my exam.

Hallelujah it is OVER. Hopefully I won't be here again in October...

6:00 See all the nice encouraging text messages people left for me today while I was testing. Feel loved.
6:15 Beer at McMenamins with friends... Life is good again. Husband has a beer with us then continues to take care of Olaf so I can relax. I am a lucky wifey.

And with that, I bid you Adieu.
To you and you and you (the 3 people who actually read this :)

Good night, sleep tight.

I am rummy. I better go to sleep. Goodnight all. Will post vacation pics once we are back home on Sunday!

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suzi said...

There's only three? And when do you get the test results back?