Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm trying, I swear

I am trying to be a faithful blogger, really I am. But I am also scatterbrained every now and then and do things like leave my camera full of Hawaii pics at my sister in law's home! I really want to download them and post them to my blog, really I do! But alas, we all still have to wait to look at them. Today would have been a good morning to do so too, as I am hanging out at the camper with Mr. Olaf and his 101 temperature, poor little fellow. We are waiting to see if Tylenol brings it down before heading to work or daycare. Or else perhaps we just snuggle together all day, if that is what makes my baby feel better.

It's raining outside. Good news for my grass which is attempting to grow, fighting the odds of the hard packed dirt which was all torn up last summer. I am sending it good vibes in hopes that the dustbowl of last summer will be no more :) and also because I like the color green!

I'll leave you with an Easter picture of Olaf and my dear friend Joanna, who drove all the way from Seattle to Plain just to hang out with us that day. Thanks Jo!


brooke said...

woop woop woop!!! that's my "i'm jealous you went to hawaii without me but i am celebrating because how fun for you!!" dance (picture hands in the air) and song!! looking forward to those photos lady!! when do you find out results from test?!?

Aubrey said...

Poor Olaf...I hope he feels better soon. Blogging is blogging-nobody judges you. Write whenever! Love hearing about your updates since we live far away. Can't wait to see pics girlie!