Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today is my 10 year high school reunion.
I know that some people think that reunions sound boring, or dumb, or don't want to relive H.S., or don't want to pretend to like seeing people again, or whatever else... etc etc etc...

But I am actually really excited!
I loved High School.
Even though I wasn't the most popular gal there by any means.
Hard to be super popular when you are dork in band instead of a start basketball player or a cheerleader :)
With a TERRIBLE haircut your junior year. Which I will never post a picture of. (Seriously friends, why did no one tell me how bad it was!!)

I was more of the 4.0 student who liked to swing dance, play trumpet in pep band or the pit orchestra for drama department plays, and had no fashion sense!
But I did have a lot of good friends back then who I am looking forward to seeing this evening to congratulate on their successes in life, maybe reminisce over a few funny moments, and enjoy a margarita together. If I run out of things to say, do you think they'll believe that I invented post-its?

10 years down.
and many more to go!

happy sunny Saturday in August friends!

ps... Mark and Cassie... praying for you guys on your journey to Ethiopa this weekend! I can't WAIT to meet your little T when you bring her home. Praise God for His blessings in your life!


♥Aubrey said... LOVE Romy & Michelle. Have a fabulous time girly!!!

♥Aubrey said...