Friday, August 28, 2009

the ordinary inbetweens

Fridays are usually sort of tough, as you all know, because they can never go fast enough!  But I had a pretty good Friday at work and at home, and I am thankful for it!  Simple things that sometimes happen daily, or weekly, or hardly ever, but the little things that make up life.  Here are a few things that made my day special --

1.  Olaf woke up happy with a hug for his mama.
2.  Steve made me coffee to drink on the way in to work...  mmmmmmm....
3.  I started my work day off right with getting a ton of emails and phone calls sent and made and replied to.  No one was in the office to distract me!
4.   I had lunch at the Target food court with my friend Charlotte.  Those icees are delicious!  And of course it involved a trip around the store which resulted in a few key purchases.  Mainly tinfoil, baggies, a diaper genie refill, shorts for Olaf (really, they were 50% off, what a steal!  Who cares if they won't fit him for 2 years!), and fixings for my dinner.
5.  100 calorie bag of microwave popcorn.  Perfect snack.
6.  Getting advice on how to make contractors do what you want them to from Chuck, one of our head inspectors.  He seems to think I could just bat my eyelashes at them and be all sweet... but then break out my whip and kick their A**'s if they mess up.
7.  Coming home to our neighbor, and my good friend Mariya's mom, who had stopped by to tour the house!  She is wonderful.
8.  Sharing a Pacifico with lime with the hub.
9.  Cooking (in process) home-made spaghetti!  Fresh garlic, sundried tomatoes... mmmmm.
10.  Being home.  I love being home.  And Steve's "man group / AKA prayer group" was canceled for the evening, meaning I get him all to myself!

I can only hope that all y'all's Fridays were as simple and nice as mine was.  This is my life.  The little things and the ordinary in-betweens.  And I love it.

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