Friday, September 4, 2009

upcoming crazy

On Monday afternoon I get to begin 2-3 weeks of inspection work
12-14 hour shifts
7 days a week
noon to midnight(ish)


This is the first time since starting this job 3 years ago that they are finally letting me out of the office to go outside!  No cubicle!  Fresh air!  Interesting job!

So if you live in Washington maybe you heard that the Beebe bridge between Hwy 97 and 97A got majorly damaged by a semi truck last Monday.  A very sad story.  More photos of the damage can be seen here.  My job will be to watch the repairs being done by the contractor.  Lots of paperwork to do, as I explained in an earlier post, but most of all it's an opportunity to see something that most people will never get to see - major bridge repairs.  Including, jacking/lifting/tensioning/fabricating/heat straightening...  Yeah it should be pretty sweet if you are a nerd like me.

Obviously I am freaking out about not seeing much of Olaf or Steven for that time...  but my parents have volunteered to watch Olaf at nights, and my sis in law Christie will be watching him all day, so I feel very blessed to know he'll be in good hands with family.  And of course Steve will be home on the

weekends to hang with Olybug.  And I'll see him between like 7-10am, so that's not too bad.

So if I don't write a blog post for a few weeks... you know why.
I will probably have to spend about 4 hours on the computer just catching up with you all when I get back!
But anyway I don't start until Monday so perhaps you'll hear from me again before then :)


mommywonderland said...

What a great opp for you! Congrats! Your lil man is so cute!!!

Kristin said...

Good luck!! Sounds like your psyched. : )

ann said...

You can do it, super mom! Oly will miss you lots, but he'll be fine and you get to do something totally cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm tired of you being so busy! Post already!=) Hope you're having a blast!