Sunday, September 27, 2009


A few pics of the Beebe Bridge repair.

During the job I:
learned a TON about steel construction.
networked with a lot of bridge engineers from Olympia.
was told that if engineering didn't work out I could probably work in the steel industry (mostly because of my lack of fear of heights).
heard the life stories of 4 flaggers.
walked about 10 miles a day and lost a pound because of it.
was yelled at by angry people who thought the work wasn't going fast enough.
was told i was a lazy state worker by someone, even while they were heading home to their family, while i was working 14 hour days and hadn't seen Olaf in weeks except when he was sleeping... but that's a soapbox i won't go into again.

Good experience.
Good networking.
Good money.  I'm not gonna lie.  Overtime is good right now.

Glad it's over for me.  Another guy will finish up the last of the inspection this week while I go back into the office and normal life.  Nice!

THANK YOU Mom and Dad for watching Olaf AND both dogs for 3 weeks...  Hopefully you are recovering.


Anonymous said...

An amazing young woman, wife and mom, that daughter of ours! Lazy, I don't think so. And we are so happy we could help out with your little man, he is a sweetheart.... we love you all!
~ gramma and grampa

♥Aubrey said...

OMG lady! I would have peed my pants as ya know i'm afraid of heights. You are NOT lazy by any means...those who know you know that you are SUPERWOMAN. Strong...dedicated...loving...compassionate...etc. The list could go on forever.
The bridge is gorgeous. True art in such form.

Joanna said...

Way to go, Jenn! You made it through. It must feel so great to just hang out with Olaf at home today! Love ya!

Anne said...

You really are superwoman! I'm glad you love your job so much. What a blessing! You look great in your hat and vest. :) Miss you! Let's get together now that your schedule is back to normal.