Sunday, November 15, 2009

walkthrough (walkaround) #2

Here's the second chapter of our remodel saga -- West side (back) of the house.  
Boring to some perhaps, but interesting to me!

Spring 2008.  We start exterior wall demolition.  Windows have been removed upstairs as well as some wood trim between the two floors.

 Ron and Sue faithfully swung hammers all day.  Thank you.

 Complete wall demo!  My job (being 38 weeks pregnant at this time) was supervision.  Oh, and I used Steve's saw to cut down those little vine maple suckers at the back door.

 Early winter 2009. We took the stairs out of the inside and moved them outside so that we could still access upstairs.

 Door and window to master bedroom are both cut out.

All sealed up from the snow!  Luckily there were new stairs framed inside at this time or we'd be out of luck :)

 Later winter 2009, look at all the beautiful windows and doors!

Working on the roof.  Also... that dead plant in the foreground is from when the cut down and pulled out my beautiful (old) white lavender bush... I was pretty bummed but apparently it "had to be done" so I sucked it up and moved on.

Spring 2009.  Prepping for stucco.

Completed base layers!  Oh and my trees are getting leaves!

 Getting ready to put up the back porch.

 Beautiful post and beam construction, just like the front porch.

 Cedar shakes up top.  Good night they took FOREVER to stain and install, one at a time... but Reid did such a nice job and they ended up looking all whimsical like.  The engineer in my keeps trying to find a pattern to how they were installed... but there truly is none, which is why I love them!

Looking in the back porch door to the master bedroom.

 LOVE my new deck.  We had a recommendation from a friend to put a coffee maker in our bedroom, so that when we have guests over we don't even have to go downstairs and see them, we can hide on our back porch with a cup of coffee first thing... have yet to put it into practice but I really like the idea!

Large enough for sleeping outside... without my irrational fear of wild animals getting us all!


brooke said...

SO JEALOUS!!! i am in love with your house and property!! i love the coffee maker idea!! and i would definitely be sleeping out it!

Kristin said...

Wow, that deck is amazing. There aren't too many decks here in Florida and I loooooooove them! Sigh.

gina said...

i'm proud of you jen. i would not have been brave enough to gut out a sad place like that and make it beautiful. i love that you saw the potential and made it happen. simply amazing. :) and, can i have your vine maples? i need more. ;)