Thursday, January 7, 2010

finally, new year here i come.

 I have been avoiding posting because I felt that in the new year, I should have some great ideas about resolutions, or what I did on my Christmas break, or something GOOD, you know?  But really I am tired and apparently I have writers block too :)  Not that I write all that much, but really, seriously, there's nothing coming to me right now people.  I should probably share a few pictures with you from our very special Christmas, and time spent with friends both before and after.  I'll get to that... once I finally download them!  Ha!

Here's a start though -- we sort of opened up our property as a Christmas tree farm of sorts this winter... so we ended up having help thinning out the doug fir and grand fir babies!  It was pretty fun actually to have so many people drive out, hike around, and drive home happy with a tree on their car.  All in all I think about 10 family friends came out -- too much fun!  Here's a few pics of when Steve and Olaf and I hiked around looking for trees.

So anyway, I got over my writers block.  PHEW! 

Well I hope you all are all off to a great start to the year already.  Mine is going swimmingly, as I enjoy my family and friends, and buckle down at work.  We really are blessed.


♥Aubrey said...

Happy New Year hun!!! May 2010 be wonderful.'s starting off great in your brand new home :)

Luv the pics...y'all look so cozy in your jackets.

Kristin said...

That shot of you all holding hands is SO fabulous!