Sunday, January 17, 2010

sunday sunday

Sunday morning, 830am.  Steven just left to do "truck checks" at the fire department, and Oly and I are enjoying "tote an jewwy" (aka toast and jelly).  The best part about today is that tomorrow there is NO WORK!  So instead of the usual semi-bummed feeling you can get on a Sunday afternoon knowing the weekend is almost over, we are instead excited for a whole other day to spend together.  Steve and I are hoping to go on an actual child-less dinner date tonight.  I know, crazy right?  The last time we went on a date was our anniversary back in July, and we ended up eating dinner with a ton of people we knew because we happened to go to a locals favorite for supper.  And before that it was Valentines Day... so yes this is long overdue I think.  Of course because we never go out I am having trouble picking a restaurant because they all sound SO GOOD right now.  Italian or a pub?  Always a dilemma.

I'm hoping to get some study time in today for the PE exam.  Remember that crazy 8 hour exam I took last April?  Well... I did not pass it.  I never posted about that because frankly I am embarrassed to say that I failed at anything, especially something related to school and/or job.  So... anyway I have to take it again in April.  Last time I blamed failing on living in a trailer with an infant while trying to build a house.  This time I don't have the house excuse, so hopefully I've got that going for me!  Boy I tell you though, fluid dynamics and temporary structures are not my cup of tea :)  But I digress.  You got to do what you got to do.

And right now what I've "got to do" is take a shower before Church. 
ha ha

Hoping your Sundays are relaxed and joyful!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Don't be embarrassed about not passing! We all have to fail a time or two! Good luck with the next test. Love the pictures in your last post! You've all come a long way and have a lovely cottagey home that is so comfy and homey. That's all the "y" words I can type right now! Have a happy day off tomorrow.

Kristin said...

You can do it! Those were incredible extenuating circumstances!