Monday, February 15, 2010

hey guess what?

I finally figured out why my computer was being S  O  O       S   L   O   O   O   O   W    in uploading pictures to the blog on Saturday.  It’s because I had iTunes running at the same time, which apparently takes all the short term memory/power/whatever.  You’d think that this amazing iMac wouldn’t have that problem, but I guess any computer that you didn’t buy yesterday is outdated.  And this one is about 4 years old.  It has only 1GB of memory.  Yeah I know, CELL PHONES have more than that these days!  But Steve is going to see about updating it soon, so I’ll not worry right now.  I just won’t try to blog and listen to music at the same time.

Anyway, meant to upload lots of these in my last blog post, but since the computer was so slow I lost patience.  But since it's back to normal speed, here's some more Saugen life!


 When did he turn into such a cheese-ball?  He loves helping "stir" whatever I'm making for dinner.  Which usually involved accidentally flinging bits of whatever out of the bowl and all over my floor... but whatever :)  He's helping out!

 We went on a walk with Ariyl and all her bridesmaids together.  Lucky man to be surrounded by so many cute girls!


Here I am with the bride to be at her wedding shower last weekend!

 Look mommy, my feet finally touch the ground on this thing!

Sue, these onion cry-prevention glasses are AMAZING.  These onions previously made me cry like crazy, but I shed not a single tear this time!  Thank you :)

 14 weeks and doing good.  Not a real "bump" yet (thank goodness) but enough that all pants are now worn with rubber bands holding them closed instead of the buttons.


♥Aubrey said...

WhAt?!!! You're preggers again? Congrats hun. Soooo exciting!!! Olaf will have a playmate :)

brooke said...

olaf is sooooo adorable!!! i love him stirring bits into the air and onto the floor...he is so CUTE!!!

and man i need some of those glasses!!! i cannot cut onions because of that problem!! genius!

and i love that little bump!!

Kristin said...

CONGRATS lady!!! You look adorable!

simply sue said...

Glad you love the onion goggles...the pink is mighty fine on you! Oh, and my Oly is the sweetest grandbaby - but he's growing up so fast. Tell me again why I'm in Florida for the winters? Love you, your hubby, your Olaf and your bump...Sue