Friday, February 19, 2010

Update 2-19-10.

Had another doctors appointment today and all is still well in baby-land.  Heartbeat is a strong 150bpm.  Woohoo!

Olaf likes to add "dude" to the end of everything.  "Hey dude"  "Bungabunga dude" "Peace out, dude" "Okay dude?".  He is also fond of the random animal noises.  Every now and then from the back of the car, out of nowhere, I hear him say to himself "neeiggggh  neigggghh horsie, okay?  moooo.  okay?  neeiigghh, okay?"  His stories have a lot of repeats, but are pretty cute.

My work is all packed up...  It was a LONG WEEK.  I am headed to Othello on Monday for 5 weeks of construction inspection.  Oh joy.  Should be interesting!  Now I just need to go grocery shopping and meal planning so that my men don't starve while I am away.  Or at least so they don't eat macaroni, chicken nuggets, and pizza for 5 weeks straight.

Tomorrow is bonfire night at the Saugens.  Let's hope we don't burn down anything extra like trees or the woodshed or the pole barn!  Good thing Steve is a volunteer fireman :)  Right?

Happy Friday friends.


Kendra Renae said...

I am so stoked that olaf says "peace out dude"....

Katie said...

Yeah for good baby heart beats! Oh Othello is quite the town-so big I'm surprised that I even know about it!! Hopefully you get to maybe go home in between wks!
Will be prayin for you!!