Wednesday, April 7, 2010

poor bebe

Well I finally understand why parents of young children never have any sick leave built up -- when your kiddo is sick you have to take an entire day off work even though you feel fine!  Weird.  Totally weird being home on a Wednesday.  Although we did drive into Wenatchee to visit the doctor to find out why Olaf turned into Mr.Grumpypants.  Well it's just a bad cold with a fever and some lovely pinkeye.  I am actually surprised that we have escaped pinkeye for so long, being that Olaf goes to a daycare and kids get it there more than other places.  But who knows where this came from - could be a grocery store shopping cart for all we know!  It has been nice to have this time to snuggle with Olaf and watch a movie.  He is not that snuggly usually so I am capitalizing on this time together when he actually wants mommy over anything else.  Ah... love.  I can still fit both boys into my lap for now, so that's nice.  Until babybrother grows a bit more anyhow and my tummy takes up my whole lap.

Well, little dude is sleeping now that we are home, and I have chores to do.  Since I'm here, I figure I better make the most of this time.  So what am I doing?  Blogging?  I know, really productive, right?  I am headed out to bring in the spoils from Walmart -- diapers, wipes and jelly beans.  So exciting!

I am looking forward to posting some pictures of Easter on here if my mom ever emails them to me... (mom, hint hint).  Hopefully before we leave for Ariyl's bachelorette weekend on Friday!


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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Olaf!