Thursday, July 22, 2010

the "cold" that just won't leave

So sadly, fun memories are not the only thing we brought home from camp 3 weeks ago.  The kiddos all caught some sort of NASTY, morphing, bug, and brought it home as well!  All the cousins seemed to have it right away, and Olaf got it about 5 days later.  We're talking runny eyes, fever, coughing, snot galore.  You moms, you know, the good stuff.  I thought I was going to escape it, but I did not.  I got it about a week and a half in.  Not too bad -- I got everything but the fever and cough and thought - why this is nothing more than a bad cold, right?  But noooooo, for the last three days I have had no sleep, and dry racking cough day and night.  Low grade fever.  Achey.  Headache.  No energy.  Honestly it feels like the flu, except I had my flu shots so it can't be that.  I tell you what though, this thing is putting me through the ringer.  I keep thinking all this coughing and stomach flexing is going to put me into labor!  Luckily it hasn't yet, and Steven is on his way home to help us out.  So if you are wondering why I am lame and not posting anything, like the amazing progress on our landscaping outside... now you know why.  I will hopefully be back in the swing of things again soon!  (and hopefully all the cousins and their sick parents will be too!)


Kendra Renae said...

feel better soon sister! Rest up for all that labor your gonna be having to do soon.

Kristin said...

Ugh you poor thing. I hope it vacates your house ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, we had the same thing about a month ago...except Mark actually did escape it! I did not! Feel better soon!