Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Camp 2010... AKA Playground Time

We spent half of last week up at Tall Timber Ranch at Family Camp.  It was fun!  Refreshing.  Relaxing.  I always think about camp (remember it) as the place where you go to play like crazy - rock wall, ropes course, zip line, giant swing, canoeing...  maybe talking to some cute boys...  but these past few years my idea of camp has had to morph a bit, of course, because we have a 2 year old now as part of the family.  He still naps.  He can't canoe so well.  Giant swing?...  = Terrified Toddler.  Not going to try.  So... we spent a LOT of time at the camp playground.  Swings, merry go round, slide, giant tires to climb, tetherball... you know, the playground.  But you know what, Olaf LOVED it.  And it was great because he was playing with 4 of his cousins most of the time, and a bunch of new friends.  And when we weren't at the playground, Steve and I were able to relax.  Read books.  Talk to friends.  Do puzzles (well just me and Jenny and Kristin, Steve has no patience for those).  NOT cook.  Or clean.  To listen to a great speaker.  Sing silly camp songs with summer staff, who look like they are all about 12 years old.  Then I remember that I probably looked like I was about 12 too :)  You know, back in the day.  It was new experiences, but still fun ones.

The only really terrible thing, not gonna lie, was the MATTRESS.  I slept SO terribly the whole time.  Preggo + bad mattress = back pain.  Yuck.  But I would do it again.  How about next year?

Anyway, I know this is jumbled and not well written (sorry all you English majors.  Jenny.), but I just wanted to share that we had a wonderful time, and can't wait to do it again next year.  Come on friends, join us!

We came down to the White River to throw rocks and sticks in the water.

Trygve, Ingrid and Micah search for perfect stones to throw.

A quizzical Serenity.

We are cheezy!

Ingrid = dirty gerty.  They liked to roll in the sand.

Step 1 - Push Daddy over in the meadow.

Step 2 - Daddy falls over and Oly gets a little bit of flying time.

Mommy!  I LOVE CAMP!!!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer! Oly looks so much like you in these photos! And you're looking mighty lovely little Mama! Hope your last few weeks go by in a flash!

NaomiG said...

Hi! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog... that made my day. We do live in a wondrous place, do we not?! I had to run an errand to Leavenworth last week, and I kept thinking how cool it was that I was running an errand to Leavenworth!! I live in paradise, clearly. :-) We LOVE Plain! We try to drive through at least a couple times a year... it is so beautiful-esp. in the fall. Majorly jealous here that you get to live there. :-) And your remodel, I am swooning. Seriously, so beautiful!

NaomiG said...

Oh yes, forgot to say, I love your Enchantment Pic for the header. Lovely! We want to backpack up there so bad, but are thinking we better wait till the kids are a bit older. :-)

outdoor.mom said...

great blog :-) love the beautiful blog header pic too!!