Saturday, January 8, 2011

3rd Draft

This is the third post I have started since the new year.  I just can't seem to actually finish a thought, apparently!  They are all fun ones too...  well maybe I will get around to posting them someday :)  Maybe not, who knows.

I finally have time (I think) and a subject for a new post.  I really like to post when I have pictures to share, and alas my camera has not been clicking away lately.  So this will be strictly a text update for y'all.

Yesterday Forest had his 4 month checkup at the doctors office.  So Steve and I took the whole family in for flu shots as well, and running errands.  You know - Costco, Pak-It-Rite, Safeway, the bank(s), Walmart, Jerry's Auto Supply (obviously that was not my errand).  Shots and appointment went well.  Olaf didn't even cry!  Forest did though, poor little guy.  When I say cry, I mean CRY.  Luckily he passed out sleeping when we got back into the car. 

We finally found out how big Forest was!
Weight: 14lbs.  (25th percentile)  He's a little dude!
Height: 25inches (45th percentile)  Pretty average for height.
Head: 18inches (100th percentile) Holy freaking orange on a toothpick, Batman.

Bonus on having a smaller second child - he can wear Olaf's clothes a lot longer!  Yeehaw!  I am all for saving money on children's clothes.  In all actuality, I don't have to spend any money on them, since we get fabulous hand-me-downs from the cousins and friends in Plain.  Between Christie and I we could probably outfit 5 or 6 children Olaf's age.  What a blessing!  Of course because I can't resist a good clearance rack, both kids will still continue to get a new outfit here and there.  And then there's always grandma(s) too.

The kids are just FUN these days.  No, it's not always easy, and yes, sometimes I want to cover my ears and eyes and ignore the noise or tantrum or mess before me...  but it's not that often.  Our family of 4 is adjusting just fine, and enjoying life as we go.


Rebecca Ragan said...

Brooks' head has always measured so big she said he was well above 100%. Explains 3 hours of pushing! :) Your boys are just delicious! Thank you Lord for hand me downs and brothers! We are in the same boat!

gina said...

fun errand day! my nephews have made that CRY before. it sounds like the world is sad. and yay for hand-me-downs!

Kristin said...

The dude has a big old noggin too!

simply sue said...

I miss you! I miss seeing what's going on...are you okay???? Did you get the red sent your way!