Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello family and friends.

I am still here, really I am. 
I have lots of material to write about, really, I do!
I am just having trouble finding time...

Still learning how to balance working full time and managing two kiddos and a house. 
And trying to find time for myself in between.
I have this problem where I hate doing anything half-assed... which means that sometimes it just doesn't get done (blogging, creating, talking on the phone). 
I dislike posts where I can't elaborate, or don't have pictures. 
I dislike starting a craft and then leaving it on the kitchen table for 2 weeks (ahem, baby blanket...  probably have 2-3 weeks more to go...) 
I dislike calling people to chat when I know I can only talk for 10 minutes. 
I just want to be good great at everything I do, the first time, every time, and when I can't I get flustered!
And so I just concentrate on the basics like playing with kids, feeding them, working, and trying to keep up with the laundry and vacuming loads of dog hair out of the corners. 
That's what I am doing now. 
Hopefully I'll find a better balance sooner than later so that I can stop neglecting things that I enjoy :)

So, all that being said...
I do love writing and sharing pics and blogging and will continue to do so :)
Just wanted to make sure y'all know I didn't forget about you.
And wanted to have more than just one post in January!

I'll leave you with the latest from the kiddos.

Love Jenn

 Seriously mom, not now, I'm eating!

Look at me, all sitting up by myself!  What you don't know is that seconds after this photo is taken I will lean sideways and the weight of my big giant head will carry the rest of my body down on the couch.


Kristin said...

Awwwwwww, he's getting so big. I can barely balance it all with one kiddo. My hat's off to ya!

gina said...

i understand! i discovered i'm a perfectionist too - if i can't do it fabulously and completely all at once, then i procratinate or don't do it at all. cute pictures!

gina said...


Amy said...

I totally understand. It's so hard to find that perfect balance. Let me know when you figure out the secret. :)

Amy said...

And oh. my. goodness. Your boys could not be any sweeter!!