Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i am the biggest loser

I am proud of myself.

In the last 8 weeks, I lost 5.1% of my body weight!  That’s 6.6 lbs folks!  Maybe it doesn’t seem a like a lot to anyone…  but seriously.  It is.  For my body. Trust me.  I can now fit into clothes that I haven’t worn since before being pregnant with Olaf!  (that’s 2007 people).  I can’t believe I hung on to clothes for that long without wearing them…  ah well, most of them are still not too ‘dated’.  Probably because most of what I own is jeans and tee-shirts.  And the outdated jeans with way too big of bootcut bells on the bottom can always be made into cute jean shorts for summertime.  Bonus.

And I did it the healthy way – cutting some calories and exercising more.  I couldn’t cut too many calories since I am still breastfeeding Forest, but I did cut out some and it seems to have made a good difference.  Only a few more pounds to lose in the waistline and I’ll be set.  This was the first time in my life I have ever really tried to lose weight, so it’s encouraging to know that it can actually be done!  Let's be honest though, I wasn't dieting because of a huge vain desire to be a size 2.  I just wanted to finally be healthy again, and active, and have more than 2 pairs of jeans that fit correctly.  I think I had a bit of a reverse psychology thing going on -- You know, where you look in the mirror and go, "DAMN I LOOK GOOOOOD!" when in reality my love handles were just a bit too lovely... and my pants a bit toooo tight :)  But I didn't see it that way for a long time.  Ha ha! 

I am not going to lie though – it was HARD.  Mostly it was hard to find the time to work out.  Because seriously, I am busy with kids/commute/work/commute/kids/dinner/kids until about 8pm every night.  Luckily Steven was motivated to work out also, so we do it together at about 9pm usually.  6 days a week.  60-90 minutes.  It is HARD to get motivated.  It is HARD to make your body move that late at night.  It is HARD to give up my evening wine or ice cream.  But we are doing it, and it feels good to be much healthier these days.  And we give ourselves a little grace…  when we start falling asleep on our mats doing yoga at 10:15pm we just get up, turn off the DVD, and go to bed!

I can’t wait until spring when I can get outside with the boys more often and start doing activities for exercise instead of videos!  Softball and road biking.  Mmmmm yes.  My goal is ride in one road race/ride this summer.  Not sure that I’d have time to train for much else.  I think the triathlon training is going to have to wait for another summer.  And play softball once a week.  And also have a great time playing with the boys!


gina said...

when did boot cut jeans go out??? darn...i liked those. lol. good job, jenn! i'm proud of you too. i find it hard to believe you had love handles, but i bet you feel a lot better now! i finally put a full length mirror in the bathroom, so i could see how untoned i was getting - that is what eventually motivated me to get running again. i counted my calories the other day, and i was only at i think i just needed the exercise half of the equation! oh, and i have been signing up for free trials of gyms...haha...that way i can run inside! :)

Ranelle said...

Good Job Jenn! I can totally relate with the busy schedule and liking my evening bowl of ice cream!

Rebecca Ragan said...

Congrats Jen! Did you end up doing p90x? I am with your friend Gina, when did boot cuts go out? I am still going to have to sport them when I lose this baby weight because skinny jeans just don't flatter a body unless it is as cut as yours! :)

jenn said...

Okay okay I didn't mean that bootcut jeans were out of style! I just found that some of my older ones are borderline bell bottoms and they look funny to me. Although let's also remember that I don't have the best fashion sense so take it all with a grain of salt! Ha ha! And yes Becca we are 7 weeks into P90x. It has great results!

Joanna said...

Yeah Jenn!! Way to go! I'm so impressed, but you're making me feel slightly guilty for the chocolate chip cookies I made and ate tonight. Oh well, my "baby" Ballard needs a run tomorrow as much as I do, so we'll work it off :-)

Kristin said...

Way to be lady! You SHOULD be proud!!