Friday, September 23, 2011


I am currently at work. I just discovered I have TERRIBLE bags under my eyes, and to top it off I didn't wear mascara to at least 'pop' them out away from the bags a bit. Yikes. Good thing I am not trying to catch a man these days! This month is teaching me that I definitely do not want to have another baby any time soon. Maybe someday in the very distant future, but man, not yet. I am getting a run for my money.

Last night I went to bed at 11:15
p. Olaf woke up at 12:30a crying all crazy, and he had to go to the bathroom, and his owie on his finger hurt, and he had growing pains in his legs (this happens once or twice a month), and he needed me to "RRRUUUUBB MMYYYYY LEEEEEGGGSS MOOOOMMMMY… WWWAAAAAAIILLL!" Of course crying this woke up the other one, and each them strongly disliked when I was tending to the other. Finally I just let Forest cry himself back to sleep (only took about 5 minutes) and Olaf crawled up into my bed so I could rub his legs for 15 minutes or so. Of course he kept telling me "I NEEEEEEED MEDICINE MOMMY." But I am not a huge fan of doling out the childrens Tylenol like candy, so I just rubbed his little leggies until he fell asleep, sideways in my bed, with his feet in my ribcage. He sleeps awesome like this. Me… notsomuch.

Then at 4:00a Forest was up, crying. I admit, I am so exhausted at night I don't even try to just walk him and rock him to calm him down at that time. And I can't sleep through it to just let him cry. So I just give in and give him milk, knowing that it means at least he won't need the milk at 5:00a like usual, so I can sleep until 5:30a. But then I overslept until 6:09. What's amazing is that I was only 12 minutes late to work today, which is great considering I took a shower, got 2 boys and myself ready for the day, had two daycare drop-offs, and ferried 2 pans of enchiladas for dinner to my mom's house. With a 35 mile commute.

Now I am trying to not fall asleep at my desk!


Alli said...

You are my hero :)

Jaimi Krenz said...

Aghhh...I was right there with you last night!... I tried going to sleep at 11:45 and couldn't..duds woke at 12:15...then again at 2...and frequently enough between 4 & 6 that I wanted to cry! I was actually thinking about you this afternoon and wondering how it worked with two little guys and how you do it!
Prayers for better sleep for all tonight!