Monday, September 5, 2011

Party Time

Guess who had a birthday party this weekend...?

Good times and wonderful kiddy chaos was had by all. Forest was lucky to have all his Saugen/Hizon cousins all there, in addition to his best bud Dudley and his other best buds from Miss Julie's house (the gal who watches him while I am at work) AKA her kids :).

I actually relaxed at the party. It was so awesome! The first party in awhile that I haven't been anxious or stressed - yay!!

if anyone has more pictures... Feel free to email them to me! I am terrible at taking them.... Luckily Mark emailed me a few today :).

Can't believe a year has already passed... What a blessed year it has been. Hoping for more good times ahead!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Just popped in to say a hello and check up on you all! Not much time is spent on the computer anymore...looks like you're all well! Happy 1st b'd to little F, can't believe we haven't met yet! Hopefully soon. Many blessings and hugs from our home to yours! -CKarj

simply sue said...

Oh how I wished I'd been there instead of in the hospital...I'm so sad to have missed such a special time in my family of Saugen's...Foresty Forester...I will have days and days with you for years to come...just so sad I had to miss this one....Love you - Annie(Granny)