Thursday, January 19, 2012


Though I am pretty sure only Steve's and my mothers faithfully read this blog, or other close family or friends, some people popping in may be curious as to what life is like in Plain.  In the dead of winter.

I always think of these "Glimpses of life in Plain" posts while I am driving home for some reason. Well let's be honest, I have 35 miles to think, on windy mountain roads, so obviously there's some time to reflect there. Often while driving, I think, "WOW this drive is long today! I could make life so much easier if I lived closer to work..." Ahhh but I just don't think life would be as full somewhere else. But I digress. Long commute = lots of time to plan posts in my head about what life is like in Plain that, for the most part, never get written down. So I am going to write a few down. Because when I am old and my memory is failing perhaps these posts will jog a memory :). Or at least let my kids know what it was like back in the day!

I drive a 2002 Subaru WRX.  We bought it used. It has over a hundred thousand miles on it. We sold our 1998 Subaru with 265K miles on it when we bought this WRX. I loved the old, and also love this new(er) one!  (I was going to take a photo but I rarely remember to pull out my phone when I am faced with clearing 12 inches of snow off it when I leave work.)  Anyway, this car gets me to where I need go, and rarely gets stuck.  Well it hasn't been stuck yet anyway :)

This is a little part of my drive to work. It's long. Like 75 minutes long with two daycare drop-offs. Phew.  And that's on a normal day :)  In the snow it can take up to an hour and 45 minutes, like today!

See how nicely the roads were plowed this evening?  We are in the middle of a sweet winter storm here in Plain. We had about 6 inches Monday, 6 more Monday night, and another 5-6 inches while I was at work on Tuesday. Now it's Thursday and I totally lost track of how much we've gotten.  Feet, at least.  Not counting in inches any more. I am lucky because Steve has been home to plow me out with the tractor. When he's not here..., let's just say I burn a lot of calories shoveling. Because I haven't had my tractor lesson yet :)  Though I did master the walk-behind snow blower this evening. 

I leave you with a few photos from our home yesterday.  BEAUTIFUL.

This was accumulation on the back porch, Monday thru Wednesday evening.

Guess who got to shovel it?


gina said...

holy cow that is a lot of snow!!! you are so cute with your snow shovel. lol. it is fun to see where you live and drive. :)

Joanna said...

Wow! So much snow!

simply sue said...

you know what jenn? steve's family does love your blog and look at it regularly for all and any new blogs! thanks my dear daughter-in-law....i sure do love you and the whole family!

shannan said...

Jen! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your is beautiful! And Levingworth???? I should visit! Heard so many great things about it! I will have to stalk your blog now also!