Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camping Fun

This post is going to be a gigantic photo dump.  If we are friends on facebook, well, you have likely seen these, already, but not with captions or fun information on them!  Steve told me to today that my iPhone 4 takes grainy crummy photos (when compared to his far superior 4s...) so these are probably all grainy.  But they exist!  And that's the key people!  Edited or not I actually documented something!

We camped up at Eightmile Campground with the Johnsons from Portland and the Gerrish's from Boise.  SO. MUCH. FUN.

Back before kids, before marriage even, we did this stuff all the time.  Camped.  Climbed.  Hiked.  Enjoyed being outdoors in a location that wasn't our backyard... Not that I don't enjoy where I am in life right now, but there was just something about camping recently that felt right.  It felt like meLike the old me, only better with the husband and kids which made it all the more fun to do it together.  I have high hopes for many, many more trips up the Icicle.

The other bonus of camping so close to home is we could bring a ton of stuff :)  But since we weren't actually at home, it forced us to relax.  Bigtime.

I actually sat down and read a book while the boys napped our first afternoon there.  I was flying solo at the campground waiting for our camp-mates.

So we rode bikes around the loops.

And had supper of chicken sausages and applesauce.
And I learned a little something about myself -- I can totally take the boys camping solo!  I doubt I will do it very often, but that first day I proved to myself that not only can the boys and I camp, but we can enjoy it too.  I am quite proficient with a coleman stove :)

Steve joined us after supper and the two of us had a nice campfire later that evening while the boys slept and he waited for the other families who traveled long distances.

Driving up Mountain Home Road to boulder!  (All the kids are in the back with Steve except for Forest)

Getting ready to climb at Roto Wall.

Happy smiley boy.

Cheesy camera poser.

Love my littlest of littles.

Firest time climbing!!!

A little nervous...

But doing so well!

A little help from Molly was nice :)

... annnnndddd the first fall!  He was SO terrified... poor buddy.  He came right down but it took a few tears to do it.

I have a feeling this kid will be a rock star climber some day.

Sharing the camp chair with Molly and Jonas.

Setting up the slack line near the river.

Good catch daddy!

A little camp food.

Lucky charms are super healthy, right?

Olaf is checking the back of the box for me :)  Special treat to have sugar cereal!


This here is Jeremiah Olaf Johnson cooking.  Olaf's namesake. He is a surgeon.  Also pictured is Sarah (Alejandro's mama).  She is a family doctor.  Holy moly we were surrounded by freaking smart people all weekend!

Wish this gal lived closer...

Bike ride around the campground!

No bike... so I'll just pull this front end loader everywhere I go :)
And with that... the end of my photo log.  I am carrying some great memories, and can't wait to camp more later this summer!

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NaomiG said...

Oh my goodness. Just popped over from Gina's blog, and your camping photos made me SO homesick. With living in Tacoma now instead of Wenatchee, and just having a new baby, I don't think that camping is on the agenda for this summer for us, and I miss it--makes my heart ache.

Our kids favorite campsite was one up the Glacier Peak Wilderness area. Such a great spot!! Oh, I miss home.