Monday, July 2, 2012


Wow, this keeping up with blog posts thing is hard, apparently!  June 5th is the last time I posted, seriously?  Well, June was a busy busy month.  I have a feeling that for the rest of our lives, this fact will never change: June will always be a busy busy month :)

Between June 5th and now... we did a lot of fun things.
A dear friend from camp got married (in Leavenworth) and we had a fun mini-TTR reunion there.
Olaf had a birthday party.
I had a birthday (31).
Two other dear friends got married and threw a heckofa party.
Steve and I went on a week long rafting trip on the Rogue River (sans kiddos).
Olaf had a birthday (4).
We crammed in as much gardening as possible.  (not much).
Interspersed with work, and softball games too (mine).
And also Jenny and her kiddos stayed for a week so her kids and Olaf could go to Vacation Bible School together!
Best of all... my sister Kirsten had her baby!!  Little Elsa Katherine Encinas.  Born yesterday July 1st :)
We are tired.
Need a vacation from all this vacation!
But seriously, all those events were well worth it, spent with treasured friends.

I'd like to do a few separate posts on things, but in case I don't, here's a few photos to share of our good times.

Headed on for a night in Chelan for Charlotte's bachelorette party.  "BOOM"

Future troublemakers of America, Forest and Dudley

Hello Mommy!

My lupine bloomed!

Cake by Cindy Rumann, won at a dessert auction.

Birthday fuN!

Birthday hike with friends from Cashmere Kids.

Mariya and I

Jenny reading the first of many stories... she's a sucker :)

Forest and Jenny in the wagon headed to the wedding.

Olaf and I on the wagon ride.

Packing for the Rogue.

Sleepy on our way to Annie and Poppy's for the week!

My favorite shoes, my favorite tan lines.

VBS Rocks!

Elsa Katherine and I.

Isn't she just a sweetie?

Big brother Aleksandr meeting her for the first time!!

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gina said...

nice tan lines, and i love those red shoes! your lupines are great! mine finished blooming last week, so i trimmed them. did you get aphids on yours this year? i had crazy amounts of aphids, but somehow they still bloomed. :)