Friday, September 14, 2012

Construction Diet

Oh you didn't come here thinking I was going to share diet tips with you, did you?  No the construction diet that I am on, my friends, is more like the "I am way to busy to stop and eat, let alone stop and buy something, and theoretically should plan ahead but never find the time (read: lazy at night) to pack my own lunches."  We all have these weeks, right?   Plus this diet doesn't really help you lose weight, it just helps you have no energy and be a cranky mom.

I have been on construction inspection for about 4 weeks now and therefore the "construction diet" is in full swing.  Here is a typical week for me and my laziness regarding food.

Monday: Reheated coffee from Sunday, oatmeal packet at work and an apple for breakfast.  Went to Safeway on lunch and got a sandwich, chips and a diet coke. Just in case bought an extra sandwich, pretzels, and sweet potato chips.  A good day.

Tuesday: No coffee, running too late.  Doritos from yesterdays lunch for breakfast.  Extra sandwich purchased Monday for lunch.  Ate all sweet potato chips.  Probably too many...

Wednesday:  To be honest I have no recollection of Wednesday whatsoever.  I think it was a really long day but I am not sure.  I am pretty sure I stole the last of the Folgers from the pot at the office before heading to the jobsite though...  And I counted rebar in a retaining wall footing at the end of the day.  The rest is gone.  I blame smoke inhalation.

Thursday: My coworker brought me a cinnamon roll for breakfast.  I almost cried I was so happy.  Lunch was bite size nutterbutters.

Friday:  I actually made coffee!!  Boss brought a donut to the job site for me.  Nutterbutters for lunch.

This is terrible eating, I realize this.  And I CANNOT wait for construction inspection to be over, or at least on winter hiatus so I can get back to my regularly scheduled lunch programming.   But for now I think I need to just plan better... or at least buy 5 sandwiches on Mondays!

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gina said...

actually, i am amazed you survived that week! i need to start packing lunches for commissioning weeks, myself. :) sandwiches, definitely. ;)