Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good Times for Kiddos

Since we often put our kids through the ringer during the workweek where they have to shuffle around my crazy schedule + daycare + overtime + unbalanced meals + lack of sleep... we really try to give them both days of our weekend as uninterrupted as possible.  Here's a few photos of what we did as we eeked out some of the last warm weather of the season.

Chelan County Fair!  Small, but perfect for the littles.  Obviously, Olaf enjoyed this ride...  $$ well spent.

We also loved the carosel.  Forest cried when I peeled him off that horse.  He kept saying "Yooook!  Yook at ME Daddy!!  Yook at me!  I wide hosse!"

Swimming at Grandma Betty's pool.  Forest finally enjoyed himself enough to jump in from the edge!

Sweet pumpkin.

And Olaf used the slide by himself for the first time ever!  I got nervous he would fall over the edge when his little leg got stuck on a dry spot, but apparently I should give him more credit for coordination.

Back porch camping.

Big Rock picnic.

It took Forest a while to get over the sand in his toes...

First day of preschool, 2012.  Olaf was stoked.

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Steve Saugen said...

I swear this is the new "baby book" memories, photo album for all the people who blog. Thanks for doing this babe so we can remember the fun times and silly times.