Sunday, June 30, 2013

june days

I think June will forever be a ridiculously busy month.

Somehow, Gravity always has a good amount of work in June, which means Steve is off working a bunch.  Got to pay the bills ya know :)  But that definitely means my days get crazier.  And June is also when Leavenworth's summer softball league starts up!  Every year I get totally stressed out over trying to figure out how to play softball and rally children to games and line up sitters at games and wonder if it is even worth it to play... then I start playing and remember YUP, I love this game and I love these people that I get to play with.  My team is pretty awesome (all "Plain" folk) and I also love that there are a ton of people from L-Town that I only see once a year -- softball season.  So that's fun too.  Plus I play on a team with my dad (have been for years) and I love that!

And... here's all the other stuff that June is full of:

My 32nd birthday was in June.  In honor of the day I threw Olaf his 5th birthday party (since his follows mine 5 days later).  Ha!  It was pirate themed and we had fun decorating and making the cake (thanks for your help Sue!).  Not pinterest worthy by a long shot but we sure had a good time.  And who doesn't like dressing up like a pirate wench every now and then?  The weather was perfect, friends were abundant, and the treasure hunt went off without a hitch.  I am constantly reminded how blessed we are to live in a place where the kids can run around like crazy, no fences, just fields and trees.

Later that evening we also had a few more friends and family over for a BBQ to celebrate my birthday which was great.  Haakon even took pity on me in croquet in honor of my birthday, and waited to kill me off until he had taken everyone else out of the game.  If you know my brother in law, and how good he is at all games, you will know this was a big gesture :)

I really can't believe my baby is 5 years old.  Remember this face?

Crazy.  He has really developed into a sweet and kind little boy.  I love watching him interact with friends.  Obviously he is 5, and still has issues with sharing and obedience and whatnot, but on the whole he is such a sweet and fun kiddo.  Olaf really enjoys hanging out with older boys (10-12 age range) and the ones at our Church are SO amazing with him.  They intentionally seek him out to play with after Church or VBS (which was also this month) which makes a mama so happy to see.  Time will tell, but so far it seems that he is a little introverted and likes to have quiet time to himself.  Little brother's don't mix into that very well :)  And he is a little more of a follower than a leader.  The world needs followers too, right!

Let's see, what else.  Oh yes, our cousins from Olympia came to play one weekend in early June! We were so happy to have them in Plain with us :)  Highlights included seeing a giant black bear cross the field between our home and the Sorensen's, which is nutty to see in broad daylight.  And I have never actually seen one on our property before, though I know they have been there.  Anyway, it provided a little excitement.  The photo below doesn't do it justice -- the bear was BIG and pretty close to the house .  

Other highlights included ice cream on the porch of the hardware store, riding bikes everywhere and (for me) staying up late talking to Tara!  I was so exhausted after that weekend :)

We were able to travel to Portland to help our dear friends move out of their home of 6 years (sad!) but also to celebrate Jeremiah finally being done with 11 years of dental/medical/surgical/residency school/work (happy!).  It is always fun to get together for a big event.  The weddings have slowed down significantly, so now we have to find other ways to all get together I guess.  It was great.

Jeremiah and Jon B.

Emily and I

Jon B. and Steve.  Friends for years :)

Seriously love the girls in these photos.  Katie (above) and Molly (below) are kindred spirits that I got lucky enough to meet through our husbands.  I dream of Katie moving to Plain someday (please oh please!!).  For now I'll just take the fun 3 or 4 times a year we get to see each other!  And if I pray really hard there is a chance that Molly and Jeremiah might move to Leavenworth next year!!  Hoping so!!!

Also in June -- my dear friend Jaimi had her baby!  My kids are already in love with little Oliver.  The funny thing is -- he was actually born on Olaf's birthday!  So now they share nickname (Oly) and a birthday too.

Olaf wanted to read Oliver and Indiana Jones book, while dressed up as Indiana Jones.  He calls him "Indian Jones".
Here's to hoping July slows down... probably not but a girl can dream!!

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