Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Lovin'

It's finally warm enough for a little bit of wading pool action!  We really do need a bigger wading pool... ah well.  This one seems to be serving it's purpose.  Steve had just asked the kiddos to show him their muscles :)  They are so funny.

Recently Olaf has been very into hiking.  But ONLY if that hiking is "in the mountains".  Which is fine by me, though there are few mountain hikes in the area that a kid can summit easily.  Luckily we've get Beaver Hill so close to home, and you can drive a good part of the ways up!  Steve took Olaf up there the other day during Foresty's naptime (we are phasing out Olaf's naps).  And they had a blast!  Olaf really liked that he could point out our house down below.

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