Saturday, September 7, 2013


Olaf started Kindergarten last Tuesday at Beaver Valley Elementary.  

And on that day, I was that mom.

I took a billion photos that morning.  Of him, of he and his brother, of he and his cousins.  I put my 5 year old son on the bus, because he insisted on riding it with his cousins.  (plus he'd been waiting practically his whole life to finally RIDE THE BUS).  He walked right up those stairs with great delight, didn't turn back once,  and found a seat right in the front next to his friend Bohde.  I got all choked up when the bus pulled away and my eyes filled up...

Then I immediately loaded up Forest in the car and we drove over to the school to meet Olaf getting off the bus, so that I could take even more photos and walk him into his classroom. Did he need me to?  Nah.  He barely even realized I was there.  I needed to though.  For once in my life I needed to be the mom that went overboard on something.  That got to actually take a million pictures.  That got to talk to the teachers and say hello. Because you know what, that's probably one of the very few days I will get to do that this year.  I made that kid a Pinterest worthy bento-style lunch complete with heart shaped cucumbers and picks shaped like small animals.  Go ahead and roll your eyes now.  But that day I was an awesome mom.  I was the mom I wish I got to be every day today. 

And then I went to work.  Where I will be every other morning when my kiddo heads to school.  So I was super happy to have been that mom on Tuesday.

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Katie said...

Jen! I love this post and that you got to be THAT mom-- thanks for reminding me to appreciate the little things. Love you and hope to see you soon!