Wednesday, July 31, 2013

crazy all up in here.

Is every summer going to be freakishly busy like this from here on out?  Someone please tell me it’s not…  of course I have loved the things we’ve done, but I think I would love them more if I wasn’t so tired.  Though I pretty sure that parents of older kids have told me it just gets worse!  Ack!

Last Monday night was a softball game which I (wisely) skipped because Steve was gone and the boys and I needed some time at home.  (because this was a busy repeat of the previous week).
Tuesday night was an evening BBQ with old TTR friends down at their cabin on the river.
Wednesday I worked late and had a late softball game.
Thursday night I volunteered at the Pantry food bank all evening with the boys.
Friday night my in-laws came to stay with us and we had a big family dinner next door.
Saturday was a birthday party next d
oor for my sweet nephew, lots of outdoor housework, and then a date night for Steve and I in L-Town.
Sunday was Church, the boys and I spent all afternoon with Jaimi, Mariya, and Jaimi’s boys, then softball practice and a softball BBQ for all.
Monday was a family dinner at the Krenz’s and then a Pampered Chef Party.

All those weekdays I had work.

But the evening social events... those are self inflicted! I don't think my boys went to bed before 9 any of those nights... oy vey.  (they loved it by the way)  This week I am working hard to get them back on a better sleep schedule so we don't get all grumpy but so far I am not making a ton of progress.  But hey, 8 is better than 9 right?

This week’s schedule looks similar to last… 5-6 busy nights a week.  I am going to lose my mind…  not that I feel there is much to lose these days!  Luckily softball ends this weekend and we can get some normalcy before school starts in a month.  Gulp.

Anyway, that's what we are up to these days!

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