Sunday, March 9, 2014

marching along

Well life just keeps marching on and here we are in March.

In January we celebrated Sue's 60th birthday with a weekend in Leavenworth with the whole family.  As per usual, we loved spending concentrated time with everyone, especially since Josh and Mac were close to leaving for their grand adventure to Thailand/China/India soon!  We managed to squeeze in a family photo and watched a great Seahawks game together too :)

Bunch of nerds right here.

February was a banner month for snow, which was great, because Dec/Jan kind of sucked... but in the one month we tons of storm cycles, and the snow in the backyard got up to about thigh high before it all started melting last week.  Winter isn't over, oh no, but March is winter's transition month... The snow slowly melts between small storms and reminds us that it will be warm again...  we start riding bikes outside and I get all excited for the season to change.  I love winter, seriously, but I love spring too, and I am always excited to usher in a new season, whatever it is.

Olaf and Daddy go skiing!  (again.  That kid skis more that me!)

I escaped up the FS road with Charlotte, her momma, little River, Emma, and the dogs for a little ski/snowshoe time.  It was lovely!
Met up with Steve taking the boys for a little snow-bike ride :)

What else is new??  Well I got a new car!!  Woohoo!!  Not that I didn't love my WRX, but who doesn't love a brand new Subaru Impreza with better gas mileage and leather seats?

 I let Olaf make his own PBJ.  Why haven't I been doing this for years?  He was so proud.

Also something he was proud of -- putting reindeer antlers on Steve's head while he took a little evening nap :)  Pretty cute.

Recently we've had some nasty viruses in our house.  First Forest got caught for a full week, and now Olaf is in the midst of fever and swollen gland goodness.  Poor kiddos...  Never fun to watch your kids be so sad and sick.

Speaking of sad and sick, I've been pretty nauseous myself lately -- of course mine is for a much happier reason, as we'll be adding another kiddo to the Saugen clan in October this year!  I am slightly overwhelmed by the thought of our third kiddo at this moment, but I am going to blame first trimester exhaustion.  We are definitely excited to round out our family into a nice odd, kids outnumber the parents, five people.   No seriously.  We've been thinking about it for a while now and are so glad we decided to just go ahead and give it a try.  Life's an adventure, and from my perspective, the kids have made it a much richer adventure.  So here's to being crazy busy and loving life as a momma to 3!


Katie said...

Love how you just snuck that last bit in there at the end ;) love you guys and so excited to see you as a family of 5!!! it's going to be awesome! xoxo katie d

gina said...

congrats!! :) i also love your icicle picture, and the last picture of Olaf sneaking some antlers on Steve's head. :)

simply sue said...

Ahhh, LJ, this was definitely sweet and the pics are the best! OM Goodness, Olaf made his own PB &J? Awesome....I love you so much and am so very excited you're adding another little Saugen to our clan. Stay strong and as Obi Wan Kenobe said " May the force be with you"!