Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I really do miss this space

I don't know why I have found it so hard to post these last few MONTHS!  I really have always enjoyed having this space to share updates and photos...  and then I keep forgetting to download photos.  And then I am pregnant and therefore exhausted.  And I sit in front of a computer at work all day so I don't really want to do that at home...  So anyway, I take un-intentional but needed breaks I guess.

Recently life has been full of busy busy times.  Olaf finished up kindergarten, yay!  Steve is working locally, yay!  I keep gaining weight and making a healthy baby boy, yay!  And Forest went an entire week without hitting someone at daycare, yay!  Little milestones for all :)  Really, there is so much to cover that I don't know that I even have the energy.  And clearly I haven't downloaded the photos yet, ha ha.

I am currently 26 weeks along with babytres and no, he does not have a name yet.  My mom's list of family name suggestions contained Valentino, so that's what we are calling him for now.  :)  Maybe one of these days we will actually find time to sit down and pick one... but like with Forest, it will probably be just in time for his delivery date.  I am finally starting to get excited about having a little babe join the house this fall.  Not that I wasn't before... well, actually that's true, I wasn't very excited for a long time, as I was so overwhelmed.  So it's a refreshing and welcomed feeling, to be glad there is a little one on the way!  The boys are pretty excited too, even Olaf, who adamantly wanted a sister at first.  Now he's happy about the little buddy and loves feeling him kick through my stomach.  I love my boys.

I'm up late and really should be in bed right now, oops.  But I am taking the rest of the week off to take the littles to Family Camp at TTR, woooohoooo!!! so I can sleep in until they wake up, 6:15am at least I hope!

Okay, random post is now over, back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

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