Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summertime Fun Photo Dump

The calendar just switched over to August.  Johnny is now 10 months old, and Forest is about to turn 5!  This is crazy, just crazy.  Early in June Johnny started scooting/crawling along (~8 mos) and now he's a little speed demon on four limbs.  I think he's actually pretty close to walking!  A few weeks he started taking steps if you hold both his hands, and he stands on his own quite often.  He is seriously such a little joy!  He now says "Dadadada" for Steve and "Mamamama" for me... Daddy was the first word, little stinker.

In June school ended for Olaf.  He ended the year with a great field trip with his school to Orcas Island, a school play, and then a family trip to a Mariners game!  Wow it was packed.  THEN my birthday, and his birthday...  Oh, then Family Camp at Tall Timber.  Oh, then we moved to my mom's house.  Yeah...  all in about 20 days or so!

July wasn't so crazy.  Play dates for the boys, water play, softball for me, and lots of work for both Steve and I.

And now, a giant photo dump...  I may have to do this in a few posts.

These are all from Olaf's birthday party - it was a big one!  He was lucky enough to have most of his cousins, and four of his best friends from school there with him. We played, had a treasure hunt (hershey bars as the prizes - they definitely melted), ate "how to train your dragon" cake, opened gifts, and had an epic water fight.  Fun times had by all!

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