Sunday, March 15, 2015

living life

Our February chugged along.  And now March is steaming along too!

February was full of school (Olaf), cross-country ski team practice (Olaf + Coach Steve!), school activities (Olaf-Do you see a theme?), working in Wenatchee for Jenn, trying to figure out small business taxes (yikes), work for Steve here in Plain, and Fire Department this and that.  We were all so sad when football season was over :(  Not sure what to do with our Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays!  But Olaf still wears his jersey at least one day a week which totally makes me happy!  

Forest seems to have turned a corner at his daycare/preschool and is no longer smacking the other kids and throwing fits.  At least not very often anyway :)  He still has his days (this week even) where he is a total pill and I wonder what I am doing wrong as a parent.  But I am just so happy he no longer takes out his frustration on his little friends!  I am so thankful for a preschool director, Traci, would is always quick to encourage me as a parent when he has a hard day.  Hearing someone with a ton of experience say that his behavior is normal for a kid of his age, and it is a stage we will get through, is comforting when I feel like I am totally screwing up as a parent.  She always stresses that we have a game plan, together, to help his behavior that we can both reinforce the same way until it improves.  And in the end his behavior seems to be improving.  Yay for consistency!  Aside from school, he's been enjoying annoying his older brother, playing with his younger brother, and snuggling me whenever he has a chance.  He is still so passionately sweet that I can barely get out the door without 14 kisses and hugs.  He's also my only child to tell me that he loves me un-prompted, at random moments throughout the day :)

Purchased with his own allowance money and part of a gift card!

Like I mentioned above, Olaf's schedule has started driving ours, which seems crazy for a 1st grader but perhaps is completely normal for the oldest child?  He had a chance to join the cross country ski team through Plain Hardware this winter.  The hardware store provided all the equipment and groomed trails for FREE!  They even picked the kids up from school and fed them a snack and cocoa.  And Steve had the chance to hang out and coach Olaf and 3-4 other kids at the same time.  I think they both enjoyed it, but were glad it was over.  Both have agreed that next year they would rather spend their afternoons up at Stevens Pass though... so sounds like nordic skiing will be a hobby but not main event for Olaf.  Contrary to what his name may imply :)

Also a gift card/allowance/bday money purchase!

This tooth came out when his sled collided with a wood pile... It wasn't loose yet, but I guess it was bound to come out eventually!  He pulled out the tooth next to it the next day, sho he taksh wish a little lishp right now, so cute.

I had the chance to try skate skiing myself and I LOVED IT.  If only I had the equipment (and time) to really pursue it as a winter sport!  Perhaps once the kids are older I will get into it.  Somehow it seemed to come pretty naturally to me, and I loved how fast I could go!  So fun.  However I do still enjoy classic skiing, which I can do right out my back door, on my own equipment.  So there's that.

Taking our kids sledding at Lake Wenatchee.

I love this view when he sleeps on my arm...
John has recently mastered the art of rolling from back to front.  He is always reaching for things, and immediately putting them in his mouth.  The days of allowing lego pieces to be all over the floor are numbered...  He's also trying to sit up unassisted, but is just not quite there yet even with pillows.  Usually he starts folding forwards (led my his massive cranium) and then he falls right or left depending on where he is reaching.  He also started rolling on to his side to sleep and night, and seems to be more content that way.  I am of course always nervous about SIDS, so I am constantly rolling him back on his back :)  Luckily he sleeps like the rest of my boys, including Steve... like a ROCK.  

We are looking forward to getting outside more this spring and enjoying the sunshine.  It's almost time to start gardening!

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Joanna said...

Fantastic update, Jenn! I love reading all about what's going on with you all :-)