Sunday, September 6, 2015


First Day of 2nd grade, 2015.

Oly and Ingrid

Who put these three sitting next to each other??? 

Here's to having a teacher who embraces the craziness that comes along with 7 year old boys, and give them room to be a little nuts sometimes :)

... and now for something a bit more serious... 


First day of Pre-K, 2015

 First time play soccer - "Most Fun Player" award!

First time turning FIVE YEARS OLD!!!  He had a nice party complete with lots of friends and a piñata and a Batman cake :)

First time being 11 months old.
That's all I could think of as a first :)
He's standing, climbing, and tentatively taking steps with our hands.
No walking yet, but I'm sure that will get here soon enough!

Climbed up here by myself, yes I did.  Note the wrestling brothers in the background, and the smoky skies.

Pick me upppp!!!!!

Why yes he did climb on here by himself.

Naked tractor pushing, always fun.

And....  first time in a LONG time, breaking away for a trail run with Jaimi Joelle!!

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