Sunday, September 20, 2015

Snippets of Life

I really am committed to doing better at posting these photos and stories.  I realized this morning as I let the boys peruse my past posts what a treasure this blog is!  They both LOVED seeing their baby photos, toddler photos, and current photos.  Since they don't have baby books, this will be their baby books I guess!

Speaking of baby books, John started WALKING last weekend during the Seahawks game :)  He was probably trying to pull our attention off the screen, and it totally worked!  He's (obviously) quite wobbly, and much better barefoot than with shoes, but his little Frankenstein walk is adorable.  I can't seem to catch it on video... since it's only like 5 steps at a time, but I will eventually!

Forest took this picture for me... I love it even though it's a little fuzzy!

A few weekends ago we were able to borrow a friend's VW van which they have all set up for camping... it was fun.  First thing - we drove it over Rainy Pass for a nice Sunday drive!  Then we camped by the river and explored a bit.  Here's a few photos from that adventure :)

Yesterday after Olaf's soccer game we hit up the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival. The highlight of the festival was "Reptile Man" on the main stage, but we enjoyed a few other "fishy" activities as well :)

Then we joined the Cohen and the Rientjes families for a little dinner in Dryden.  Long day!

All conked out about 5 minutes into our drive home.

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