Thursday, August 7, 2008

dixie - home away from home

Regarding the title of this post -- For any of you that don't know, Dixie is Steve's work truck. Recently it feels like we have been away from home more than we have actually been here. (I have learned to feed and change diapers in Dixie's passenger seat.) Luckily while we have been away, my sister has been house-sitting and keeping our lawn and flowers from dying in the HEAT. (thanks!)

Oly is all set to travel in his new carseat -- the Chicco KeyFit 30 - the Cadillac of carseats.

Last weekend was a whirlwind it seemed. Steve had to work in Seattle on Thursday and Friday, so we left Wednesday evening and headed to stay with Josh in West Seattle. We got to see he and MacKenzie's new house and he got to meet Olaf for the first time. Sadly, Mac was away for work so we didn't get to see her :( We had a great time distracting Josh from his work though! Olaf even got in on the action, trying on Josh's bunny ears which had arrived in preparation for their trip to Burning Man.


Little Olaf has been doing well with all the moving around. Unfortunately for me though, his schedule has been thrown out of whack. Probably because he was barely on a schedule, and then we started moving around all the time and constantly being with people... Ah well, we are home now and doing pretty good, so hopefully one of these days I can get him to sleep through the night!

Back to our time in Seattle -- I got to visit with a good friend and former roommate, Annie Hendrickson, on Friday. We met at UVillage for a little time to chat, have coffee, and let our little guys meet! Ann and Kyle are new parents as well. Little Daniel is 3 weeks younger than Olaf, so they are sure to be fast friends. Most likely they will be Tall Timber buddies like Ann and I started out as! At UVillage we got to share the experience of trying to find a place to feed the kiddos in a overly crowded shopping area... luckily Barnes and Noble provides comfy chairs, and with "hooter hiders" maybe no one even knew what we were doing :) Pretty sure the chairs were supposed to be for reading... but ah well! We enjoyed relaxing in them.

Annie and Daniel... such a cute new mommy!

Saturday evening was spent with good friends at the wedding of Rene and Julee in Lakewood. She looked more like Cinderella than any other bride I have ever seen!
Julee, Rene and Corey, who officiated the wedding

All the little girls at the wedding just couldn't get enough of her - it was very cute to watch. I am posting a few pictures of the wedding - it was GORGEOUS. Lots of green and orange - two colors that I would have never put together but they sure looked great in that setting.The wedding setting...

Ethan and Jenny

We had a lot of fun introducing Olaf to a new crowd of friends from Stevens Pass. He was a hit with all the ladies, as usual!With Kylene

Sunday was spent with family at Tara and Randy's house. Sue and Ron came over for a BBQ, bringing Serenity with them, who was visiting Grandma and Grandpa for a week. Mother T even stopped by for a visit and to meet Olaf, which was fun. Tara's special burgers were a hit and the sun came out for some warm time out on the deck. A very nice way to cap off the weekend!

Sue and Olaf

Such a big boy!

Little Miss Serenity

T and Mother T

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