Wednesday, August 13, 2008

summer days

Our time lately has been filled with a multitude of activities. Last week we finally got out on the boat again and met Jenn and Chris Foreman at Crescent Bar for some surfing. It was a BEAUTIFUL day - no wind even - and we enjoyed our time on the water. So I had to put on a swimsuit for the first time since having Olaf... not my greatest experience of the summer. But it was worth it to be in the water! Also, Olaf got to meet the Foreman's daughter, Makenna, for the first time. We joked that perhaps one day we would be at their wedding... then tried to catch a picture of them holding hands - and nearly succeeded! Not that we would ever really match-make with our son, but I don't mind keeping him around little gals who's families I love.

Makenna and Oly. He's so big... she's two months older!

Holding hands... :)

We've been continuously cleaning the house, in hopes of prospective buyers. We finally had one couple walk through the house last week, and they seemed mighty interested. But we didn't hear back from them so apparently this house wasn't for them... I am pretty bummed about this whole situation since we can't start on the Plain remodel until the house sells... and worried. and stressed... and trying to trust God that he'll bring us the right buyer. However we are not sure if we have time to wait too long, so we are considering using an agent to help us sell. There goes much of the profit... but if it sells that would be wonderful so we'll see. Please join us in praying for a buyer!

When not in Cashmere cleaning (or being glued to the Olympics) we have been in Plain enjoying friends and family. We had a chance to share a meal with the Rumann family, along with the Saugens (Dave, Christie, Serenity and Micah) and the Krenz's (Nick and Jaimi). It was wonderful to feel at home in Plain, and Rebecca and her mom made a FABULOUS meal. Also, Rumann Construction has agreed to be our contractor in Plain, and help us figure out what we are doing, and we are really excited about this! We finally finished our floor plans (will try to post later). The basics anyway. That's all we need to figure out for now since it's a remodel, not new construction. I also got to catch up with my friend Anne last night for dinner in Leavenworth. It is just nice to be able to be mobile with Oly, and we enjoyed it very much.

Olaf continues to grow and exceed my expectations for cuteness :) His dimples get deeper and deeper as his face gets chunkier and chunkier. I just love watching him! I don't get nearly enough done because he is so fun to hang out with!

Oly was all bundled up for our morning walk in the cool rain.

We are looking forward to our weekend on Whidbey Island, and introducing Olaf to Great Grandma and Grandpa Riley, and getting to spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa Saugen. Olaf is still quite the traveler (it helps that we spend our time spread between the house and 5th wheel) so this trip should be fun!

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Geordie Romer said...

If you decide that hiring an agent is something you would like to consider, I would be happy to discuss it with you. Until then I wish you the best of luck. Selling a house can be very stressful and trying.