Thursday, January 15, 2009

i know, i know...

it has been awhile i know.
you are probably all wanting to see what new adventures olaf is up to.
and perhaps what steve and i are up to as well...?

our good friends jake, levi, and matt are here helping us frame our house!
it is incredible. every day i come home and something new is completed.
today i came home to the east wall framed in (facing river road). it looked
exactly how i had pictured it in my head. nice work boys! i will start posting
pictures of all of that tomorrow. i don't have to work tomorrow in wenatchee
which is very nice. though i will probably have to go buy groceries somewhere.
feeding 4 grown men is a lot of food! luckily mom and dad are feeding
us all at their house tomorrow. and letting us shower. yay!

i got to eat sushi tonight with my friends from wenatchee - charlotte, emma,
and mary ann. i never get to see them. but now that olaf has childcare
in wenatchee, i can stay in town which is wonderful! the sushi was SO SO SO
good. spicy tuna is my favorite. the salmon sashimi was good too. and the
yellow fin rolls. and the salmon rolls. but spicy tuna was the best. i was too afraid to try the
hot wenatchee rolls... they had a little too much going on for me. i should have
taken a picture of them so you could understand what i mean.

such a fun evening!
i am looking forward to posting more tomorrow.
until then...

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Mark and Cassie said...

hey jenn it sounds like your house is coming along! can't wait to see it and your little guy too! We're skipping our annual February trip to your side of the MT's, but we'll get over to our little hide away soon after. Take care! -Cass