Monday, February 23, 2009

just imagine

... this stove... can you picture it in a dark cherry enamel instead of grey? Oh how I love RED.

The Lopi 'Leyden'

This is what I am picturing in our living room! However we are also trying to minimize how far off the wall the stove will have to be (since we have a small living room), so this may not be the best choice because it has to come off quite a bit. But whatever we do I am sure will look great, because behind it our friend Zachary is going to build us a BEAUTIFUL dry stack river rock mantle and backing. Check out their website for pictures of recent dry stack installations - gorgeous! I have never imagined that stonework can also be like art... but that could be because I had only ever seen standard (kind of) boring installations. Beautiful, but not as cool as what Zachary and Mike do. I love having talented friends!

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