Wednesday, February 18, 2009

some ideas...

So our framing inside the house is COMPLETE as of today! Well it looks complete anyway, but I can't really tell the difference if there are small things left to be done. So here is a layout of what we decided on. This only took like... 30 iterations. At least. And of course since we were working within the existing constraints of walls/ceiling, some of the walls were moved a bit this way or that.
So this first one is downstairs. Living room in front, kitchen right behind it, and dining area off to the left. Behind the stairs is my office (ITS ALL MINE FOR WHATEVER I WANT I AM SO EXCITED!! Room for a sewing machine?) And then a nice big laundry room and half bath behind the kitchen.

This second one is the upstairs. Our master bedroom is in the back, and the two kid/guest rooms are up front. Yes I know the bathrooms are small, but we don't really care!

My favorite space right now is... well all of it. But I really really like the bonus space at the top of the stairs. It's going to be such a great spot for reading, playing, coloring, art projects... I want to make a space that I won't care too much if the kid destroys it :)

So now I have moved on to trying to pick out light fixtures... Here is what I am dreaming of over the kitchen table (Pottery Barn Hundi Lantern)...

And I LOVE these. (PB Rustic Glass Pendant)

Originally I was thinking over the bar/counter, but Steve pointed out that those lights should probably be directional, not so much ambient light. I can't wait to continue to look, though I am sure we'll end up with some cheap-ohs from Lowes or Home Depot just to fit our budget. Especially after I splurge on that first one from Pottery Barn.... :)

Also, I just returned from a short trip to the garage for frozen pizza and to visit the green room (which we so lovingly refer to the port-o-potty as), and found that our exterior doors have arrived, yay! I can't wait to see them stained and installed, though I am sure that will be a little while. But how exciting, eh?

Maybe later this week I'll give you all a sneak preview of one of the woodstoves that we like... It is RED and beautiful.

Until then.


brooke said...

how stinking fun!!!! I love being apart of your building process!!! this is great!! you have such fun style too that i know it is going to be perfect.
side note: thank you so much for your prayers and tell your mom the same!! how fun that she follows the blogs...i am so's so hard because you find a blog through another blog and you just have to read all about them...and then you find another and so one...anyway...thank you thank you!!! it meant the world to me!

Rebecca Ragan said...

Jen! So exciting! I am totally jealous. You may also check out Sundance Catalog online. They have awesome lighting fixtures and vintage furniture. I think it is right up your alley. Bryant has a construction company, so we are always looking at things like this. Best of luck to you, and keep up the blogging! I love the updates!